Vindral Melchius


This boy stands at 5’ 8" and is of only slightly above average build, so he doesn’t stand out in a crowd. His skin is fair, showing he doesn’t spend as much time outside as his fellow townsfolk. Blue eyes look off into the distance from beneath a mop of unkempt hair, held out of his face by a bandana.

He wears boots for travel and brown and red explorer’s clothes. Beneath the padded armor on some of his clothes can be seen a mithril shirt. Around his neck is a necklace of bone on a leather cord. At his side is a sheath of normal make, but the hilt of the rapier within is remarkably high quality, with smokestone forged into it.

He rides atop a rouncey named Seeker.


Some things the group knows about Vindral:

  • His mother is Annabel, the seamstress
  • He is friends with Than, the woodcutter
  • He is friends with Lisben, the baker girl who has a history with Dazen
  • He has trained in swordplay and weapons crafting

Vindral Melchius

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