Character Creation

Sharing Character Information

  • While you are not restricted from sharing character information, it is highly encouraged you keep most details to yourself. While some may choose to know one another (or may need to), that will be determined as characters develop.
  • The DM will notify individuals of similar concepts, classes, etc.


  • Before you do anything, have a two word concept in mind like the “enterprising thief” or “disillusioned lieutenant”.
  • Make sure to note it in your character materials, including the front page of the character sheet you send the DM.
  • Any emails you need to send to the DM should note your concept.

Ability Scores

  • 20 point buy as per Pathfinder Core.
  • Only one score may be below 10.
  • No ability score may be above 20 after all adjustments (including racial bonuses).
  • Just as low ability scores can make you stand out, so should high ability scores. A character with an 18 Charisma, for example, would be well known for their charm, manipulative behavior, good looks, etc.


  1. Choose a base race from Races, which may include Huley or a mixed race variation.
  2. You may choose a “special race option” by contacting the DM. The DM will ask you some questions about what you are looking to play. You will then be granted a special race option based on that information if the DM thinks you a good candidate. However, you must take that special race option if the DM presents it to you. Adjustments with race points are still possible with the special options.
  3. We are using the Pathfinder Race Building guidelines from the Advanced Race Guide and it’s now available. You can find them online here
  4. You may adjust your race to up to 20 race points with final approval by the DM. Create a page on the wiki that is private for you and the DM and note the details there.
  5. You may select “Static Bonus Feat (2 RP)” however I choose the feat granted to you. I make no promises other than the feat will complement your build and/or be important to the campaign.
  6. You may remove some abilities from your race for extra points. These abilities must be learned traits like Elven Magic, Weapon Familiarity, etc. Not all learn their race’s traditions.
  7. You should look relatively like a standard race with some variation possible depending on choice (like Huley or a dwarf/gnome hybrid, etc.). Wild variations like an extra appendage or the like is sure to present high difficulty in your history and your character’s experience in the world.


  • Please see Classes.
  • You may be of any Pathfinder approved base class or a psionic class from Psionics Unleashed.
  • Your choice should be fundamentally different than what you played in the previous campaign.
  • Note that being of any spellcasting class will bring an extra dimension of complexity to your character’s existence as well as play. Psionics will draw a similar concern but in a different way.
  • At start spell-casting and psionic abilities will not be usable. Your character may have been trying to learn spell casting, have a curse (a la Oracle or strange oddity due to being a Sorcerer with a spell-like ability in its bloodline), seeking a God’s favor, etc.


  • Choose up to 2 traits. You may choose from Traits that I have made for this campaign or the main Traits List with the following stipulations:
    • It must be from a published Paizo product
    • It must not be from an Adventure Path
    • It must not be a Golarion regional trait
    • The DM has final approval


  • You may choose up to 2 flaws from the Pathfinder Players Option: Flaws book.
  • Your flaw should relate to your bonus feat and/or skill points in some way. For example, my Selfishness encouraged my study of sleight of hand, stealth and appraise.


  • Please see Feats for new feat choices.
  • No item creation feat will be usable at start.
  • All item creation feats require approval by the DM before you can take them. If you want one, notify the DM at least two levels before you intend to take it. It will be a story item.

Skills & Languages

  • See the Skills page for more information.
  • Instead of Common, characters start with either Alon (regional language) and either Pryma (the closest thing to common in Prymis) or a racial language (like Elven).
  • Skills will be very important in this campaign, including social and wilderness skills. Developing skills such as knowledge [history] and the like will also be important. Overall, playing a character with very few skills would be limiting but an interesting RP opportunity.


  • You may take the average for your starting wealth or roll it in front of the DM.
  • You may have crafted anything you are capable of crafting by taking 10 on the craft/profession check. For anything else, contact the DM.
  • You may not start with any magical equipment but may start with alchemical equipment.


  • You must be from the town or local area of Allieua.
  • Be sure to consider your profession. While you may work as a guard or be preparing for life as a mercenary, you may work as a tailor, fletcher, bar keep, baker, etc.
  • You must work with the DM to decide where specifically you live.


  • Write up a formal personality breakdown for your character.
  • Answer the following questions in detail as these are typical concerns individuals of Prymis must contend with.
    • What does your character think of magic in general? Its practice? etc.
    • What is your character’s religion if any?
    • Does your character have any particular racial judgments or prejudices? Why or why not?
    • This is a game about exploration and uncovering secrets, learning. What does your character want to explore or learn about? Or what do you hope to have your character involved in?
      • Examples could include “ancient ruins”, “what causes the odd weather”, “why are there earthquakes?”, etc. Give me details on as many things that interest you/your character.


  • Write up a short and long description of your character. The long description should include all important factors, including minor scars. The short description should only be a few sentences.


  • Email the DM the Character Sheet, Description, History and Personality.

Character Creation

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