Path's Names

- Dazen is “Blood of Darkness, Scion of the Stars, Known and Unknowing to Twilight”

- Vindral is ‘Beholden to Dragons, Beloved by the Dawn, Daemon’s Death, Beyond Bearer, and Child of Prophecy"

- Arius is “Dreamer of Nightmares, Nightmare of the Darkness, Twice Born”

- Gilroy is “Champion of Light, Forgotten Inheritor, The Beyond Key, Friend to the Heavens, Soul Contested”

- Jaden is “Avatar of the World Blood, Servant of Oak, Guardian of the Gate, Ancestor’s Mouth”

- Ylasys referred to as: “Greatest Granddaughter, Sharp Smile, Curse blooded”

- Bom referred to as: “Unseen Eye, Open Fist, Rune Waker”

- Xerxus referred to as: “Forged Soul, Guardian of Bright, Stasis Keeper, Spirit’s Effigy”

- Arorra “Beyond Seer, Pattern Breaker, Child of Shattered Dreams”

- Braun “Man of the People, Father of Society, The Sympathetic Ear, The Cultured Blade”

- Lukar “Dark Mother’s Secret Son, Death’s Hand, Doom Bearer, The Soul’s Tool”

Path's Names

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