Here are some expectations and responsibilities for the playership.


  • Pay attention to what’s happening even if you aren’t involved. You may not know about it IC, but we don’t play with cheaters who pretend. It saves time and shows respect as well as avoids disruption!
  • Keep in mind what your character wants to 1) explore and 2) learn. They are themes of the game.

Character Sheets

  • Keep them up to date. Every level up, get a new copy to the DM. You aren’t leveled up until you’ve done so. Provide him a digital or printed copy.

Character Details

  • Come up with words or gestures for spells, displays for psionics, specific moves for combat styles, your specific fighting style with a weapon, etc. It’s a new level of gaming and no description will get you penalized for XP.
    • It seems a lot of people are getting discouraged by this. I find that troubling. I’m not asking for giant essays, just that you take an extra step of planning what sort of fighting style or spell casting, and the like, you have. Use a latin word for each spell, describe a cool fighting style like using kung fu moves or something. I just expect more than “I hit with my blade” or “I say some words” out of my group.
  • Have details of your appearance, especially equipment, always ready.
  • Whatever you can do to create as much immersion as possible.


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