About Sarington

  • Sarington is a rich, multi-cultural city with vibrant art and a strong economy. It was guarded by the psionic might of its advising Councilors, guided by the People’s Faith, and governed by the first families. In truth, those families dabbled in dark magic, the people were cowed by drugs and psionic influence, and the psionic councilors were hosts to beings of nightmare.


  • Sarington once feuded with Bright over ownership of the mountains’ resources but no longer. They sought to protect the area from the plundering people of Bright.
  • Sarington was settled by travelers from the northern Draen and western Alon who met up here and settled along the water.


  • The symbol of the People’s Faith is a seastone with a flickering vibrant aura of royal purple. Purple, blue and white are colors of the faith.
  • Servants and acolytes of the Faith wear white while priests wear blue. Councilors may wear violet. The Faith teaches people to help one another, work hard in their duties, honor their ancestors and community. Respect is expected to those who have proven themselves above you. Disagreeing or disobeying is heresy.


  • Omal Clan – Gypsy-like but islander, came from coast to the south east. Their area was heavily damaged by the cometfall plus a number of tsunamis decimated the area. They don’t want to go home. Many died.
  • Draenish Clan – A few towns come together to travel south for a caravan. Very quiet people from the north and east.

First Families


  • Animal breeders, artisans, auctioneers and performance artists.


  • Teamsters, merchant caravan leaders, as well as farmers and sailors.


  • Sages, scribes and master craftsmen that are often teachers.


  • Bounty hunters, investigators, scouts and explorers for hire.


  • Chefs, innkeepers, healers and herbalists.


  • Bodyguards, security consultants and managers of the only legitimate banking within Prymis.


  • Functionaries of Sarington as well as the psionic melee component of the city guard.


  • Councilors and advisers of the city with many serving the First Councilor.

Iravaenar Estate

Iravaenar Library



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