Lukar D'Thurrani




Lukar was born of house Thurrani and with that came a
particular set of skills that he would learn to master because of
the opportunities afforded to him coming from a
dragonmarked house. Once he was of age it was decided that
Lukar would best serve the goals of the house by joining the
ranks of the Thrane military. Thrane commanders recognized
the young mans skills and assigned him to a specialized
division where they would carry out covert operations. This
gave Lukar great insight and invaluable information on how
professional organizations ran their intelligence gathering
operations. While Lukar carried out various missions for
Thrane his true mission was to get all this same information
back to House Thurrani so that they could potentially gain
financial advantages and power. While Lukar may have
deceived his superior officers of his true intentions he made it
a priority of his to never compromise the mission or the safety
of his unit. Lukar also studied and observed how the
intelligence was gathered because while his house is the gold
standard for carrying out covert assassination contracts they
do somewhat lag behind their rival, House Phiarlan, when it
comes to intelligence gathering. Over time Lukar became too
valuable an asset for House Thurrani to continue working
directly for Thrane’s covert operations. Lukar has since been
assigned to continue to develop and improve House Thurrani’s
intelligence network in Thrane using many of the contacts he
established while working for the Thrane military. Lukar now
tends to assign contracts for other agents although he is still
sometimes called upon by his house to carry out some of the
more highly sensitive assassination contracts. Even though
House Thurrani is the “youngest” of the dragonmarked houses
it is Lukar’s belief that it came become one of the greatest

Lukar D'Thurrani

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