Item Creation Feats

  • No item creation feat will be usable at start.
  • All item creation feats require approval by the DM before you can take them. If you want one, notify the DM at least two levels before you intend to take it. It will be a story item.

Special Race Option Feats

  • If you are using a Special Race Option, contact the DM and check below for special feat options available to you.


  • Should you wish to take Leadership, you must notify the DM 2 levels before you wish to take it.

New Feats


  • You have worked with a merchant caravan team in preparation to become a Caravaner.
  • Free Language: Murcant.
  • +2 to Charisma based skills when dealing with caravan or merchant workers, including the caravan leader, caravan guards or scouts, cook, healer and more.
  • You know the most common caravan routes, granting you a +2 bonus to Survival checks to track a caravan or find one.
  • Choose one of the following:
    • +2 to Diplomacy checks
    • +2 to Perception checks
    • +2 to Knowledge [local] checks
    • +2 to Knowledge checks to identify creatures and their capabilities
    • +2 to 2 Professions checks

Craft Symbiont [Item Creation]

  • You have deduced, discovered or experimented and learned how to create symbiont items.
  • Prerequisite: Either Craft Magic/Psionic Arms and Armor or Craft Universal/Wondrous Item
  • You have the ability to create symbionts.
  • Cost: The cost in raw materials needed to create a symbiont is complex chemicals, worth one half of the final price of the symbiont. Due to the fact that these fluids are injected into an aberration, reagents from any magical item other than potions cannot be used to cover the cost of a symbiont.
  • Time: The time required to make a symbiont is the typical 1,000 gp per day. This time can be reduced as per the normal magical item creation rules, however the strain upon the aberration used to grow the symbiont gets worse if this option is used.
  • Process: In order to create a symbiont, the creator must have a willing or helpless aberration or aberrant creature that does not have the symbiont subtype for the entire duration of the item creation process. A host aberration can only grow one symbiont at a time and during the creation process, the host aberration suffers 1 point of Constitution drain. Any Constitution damage or drain that the host aberration suffers during the creation process does not heal naturally and cannot be healed magically or psionically without aborting the symbiont entirely. If any process speeds up the time to create a symbiont faster than 1 day per 1,000 gp (either through feats, favored class points, raising the DC, etc), the aberration suffers a total number of points of Constitution drain equal to one half of caster level of the symbiont, rounded up, subject to same limitation on healing.

    At the end of the creation process for making a symbiont, the creator needs to make both a Spellcraft check and a Heal check, using the standard item creation DC for both checks. If either check fails, the symbiont dies. Aberrations that create a symbiont using their own body can substitute their character level for either the Spellcraft check modifier and the Heal check modifier. Once the symbiont is fully grown and detaches, any Constitution drain done by the creation process is turned to Constitution damage and can be healed normally.
  • Special: Aberrations or those of an aberrant type can use themselves as the base aberration to grow symbionts.

Monolith Sensitivity

  • You are supernaturally sensitive to the monoliths that dot Prymis. You can feel their proximity and draw on their power.
  • Prerequisite: Approval by the DM
  • You can feel the relative direction and approximate distance to a supernatural Monolith when within three miles. Further, by standing at one for one minute you gain a granted power that lasts until you attune to a different Monolith. The granted power could include a bonus to attacks, a spell-like ability, energy resistance or more


  • You are open to the world, which infuses you with knowledge and foresight.
  • Prerequisite: Wisdom 12
  • Once per day, you can enter a trance to gain a glimpse of the future. This trance lasts for 1 minute, which must be uninterrupted and during which you can take no other actions. At 1st level, you gain the benefits of an augury spell with 90% effectiveness. At 5th level, you gain the benefits of a divination spell with 90% effectiveness. At 9th level, the knowledge you gain is equivalent to a commune spell. None of these spell effects require material components.
  • Special: If you choose the Oracle (Seer) archetype, you may activate this ability as a full round action starting at 3rd level.

Ranger’s Fortitude

  • You are especially resistant to plant-based allergens and poisons.
  • Prerequisite: Con 12
  • You get a +4 bonus to Fortitude saves vs. nonmagical plant-based allergens and poisons. Additionally, you are effectively immune to poison ivy, oak and sumac. You also receive a +1 bonus to Fortitude saves vs. magical/monstrous plant-based attacks and poisons.

Strong Mind

  • You are unusually hard to affect with psionic powers and mental attacks.
  • Prerequisite: Wisdom 11, no psionic ability
  • +2 bonus on saving throws against psionic abilities and mental attacks, including many spell-like abilities of monsters.
  • Note: This has story ramifications.

Unnatural Forecaster

  • You can sense when foul weather or other unnatural environmental events (including some earthquakes) are to happen.
  • Prerequisite: Approval by the DM
  • You effectively have Foresight in relation to these unnatural environmental events with a variable amount of warning time but always seemingly enough to get out of harm’s way. Also, you get a +2 bonus to Survival to predict the weather.
  • Note: This has story ramifications. People will likely think you a doomsayer or crazy, or perhaps even cursed, for expressing this knowledge.


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