Pronounced FOW-let-town

Climate & Geography

  • Fowhlet-town is a farm rich area nestled between 3 large lakes.
  • The area around Fowhlet-town is a forested mix of deciduous and subtropical. Cool breezes blow in from the mountain pass to the southwest. The Saring Mountains to the west are clearly visible, dominating the sky line. Rain is common but not frequent.


  • The population hovers around 50 humans.


  • Primary Language: Saring
  • Secondary Languages: Pryma, Murcant


  • Fowhlet-town has an Elder that serves as a mayor but the town falls under the governmental jurisdiction of Sarington. Thus, the Councilors of Sarington hold control over the town.

Important Figures

  • Elder – Male human
    • The kind and gentle Elder has graying brown hair.
  • Councilor Maearn – Female human
    • The Councilor currently assigned for taxing and inspection of goods when the heroes first visited.
  • Kheller – Female human
    • This attractive young woman is more than a simple blacksmith. She understands ancient writings and can predict unnatural weather.

Notable Locations


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