Notable Sites

  • Old Bay
    • Where numerous bodies had washed up
  • Ruined Docks
    • The boat was left here
  • Sunken Stone Ruins
    • Evidence of a sizeable town was clear with numerous stone buildings submerged under a couple feet of water.

The Tower

Some buildings have sunken more underground than others. However the tower stands on a hill but displaced. The wilderness has reclaimed much of the city with moss, vines, snaking trees and wild bushes. The water has risen to at least 1’.
  • This Tower was only visible once they were within the sunken stone ruins.
    • Curiously it is now visible to them even outside the ruins.
  • The Top Floor
    • This floor had a complicated mechanism of crystals seemingly connected to an orrery of missing stones.
    • This area is a monolith sensitivity site.


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