Ruins of the Eastern Swamp

The Approach

A dark shadow cast against the luminous glow of the swamp mists, this massive block of stone looms over a hundred feet within the gnarled trees and thick flora of the swamp.

Within the Old Ruin

Stone Treasury

Beyond the lichen and webbing, you see there are worn markings on the wall.

It was here Vindral was pulled toward the wall. It eventually opened when he touched it, revealing shelves of expensive stones.

Observation Deck

As you peer into this dull green lit chamber, you here a gurgling cry. Your eyes are drawn to the far wall where a body is coated in webbing. It twitches as its pale brown eyes widen. It coughs blood as its right eye ruptures in a burst of small spiders, followed by a large portion of its chest, sending blood, flesh, fragments of bone and webbing into the air. The head bursts, revealing a violet cranium and black eyes beyond.

Altar Space

This open air room lays beyond a worn stone door. A simple, worn altar rests at the room’s center.

Ruins of the Eastern Swamp

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