Current Year: 3241 AS

  • 12 months each of 28 days
  • Referred to in Pryma or regional languages in numerical fashion “First 22nd” for first month, day 22 or “Tenth 3rd” for tenth month, day 3. This is the established method by the caravaners and thus most towns and cities. Some areas may use other methods. Many elves treat decades like human years for example.

Ancient History

  • Tales vary, but it is said that magic was used in great wars by people that wished dominion over the world.
  • Storms, Blizzards, Earthquakes began to ravage the world.

AS – After Storm (current era)

  • AS refers to the so-called end of the storms and war-time, though this is considered a rough estimate
  • It has been at least a few thousand years since those ancient times, long enough for the people to finally establish a system of towns and two major cities in the world. Decades, centuries passed before things grew calm enough for above ground structures to be reliably raised.
  • 1058 AS – A town hall is first erected in Allieua as the local people come together seeking a more formal presence of unity.
  • 2927 AS – Tick 1 of Crab’s time traveling magic anvil. Before the battle.
  • 2928 AS – Tick 2 of Crab’s time traveling magic anvil. The battle.
  • 3131 AS – A tsunami comes up the coast, striking the southern peninsula hardest. Some elves are lost or are presumed drowned.
  • 3222 AS – The last violet storm to strike Allieua. Few were injured though some were killed, including Speaker Marith Dawnflower.
  • 3223 AS – The Jewel of the Sea is renovated following the previous year’s storm.
  • 3241 AS – The Present. Tick 3 of Crab’s time traveling magic anvil.
  • 3246 AS – The last hold out of the Future. Tick 4 of Crab’s time traveling magic anvil.
  • End of Time – Outside of time, the end of time. Tick 5 of Crab’s time traveling magic anvil.


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