Pronounced AH-lou-AH

This coastal town has survived the ages by banding together and making use of its local resources. Local gardening, hunting, fishing and many related trades are practiced by the townspeople. While suspicious of magic and non-merchant travelers, they have put aside ancient racist behavior to live in harmony and with little fear of any crime. With the looming nearby ruin and the haunted island to the west, they are no strangers to the dangers spoken of in story.

Climate & Geography

  • Allieua is actually two settlements that are very close to one another, the Elves having taken the nearby peninsula as their own. Farms and woodland homes exist in the nearby area as well.
  • The area around Allieua is mostly temperate forest, tame nearby but quickly arboreal. A mix of sub-tropical plants is found in closer proximity to the coast, including the peninsula claimed by the elves. Even in the winter, temperatures stay cool rather than cold due to the ocean effect currents. Snow is rare.
  • Allieua rarely suffers great floods or the raging blizzards due its location. The violet storms, however, are often potently dangerous.


  • The population is nearly 2,000 and racially diverse.
  • Demographic Information: (44.5% human, 20.8% elves, 11% halfling, 8.1% dwarf, 7.6% gnome, 8% other)
  • The other percentage contains numerous half and mixed races, including half-orcs and even huleys (part halfling and human).


  • Primary Language: Alon
  • Secondary Languages: Dwarven, Elven


  • The town of Allieua is presided over by a council of elders. This council elects a Leader to be their chosen spokesperson. They also choose a Speaker to guide from the church, a Keeper to tend and protect the cemetery, and a Sheriff to lead the guards of Allieua for its peacekeeping.
  • There are 11 individuals on the council. 5 are human, 3 are elven, 2 are dwarven, and the other is a halfling. The Leader, Speaker, Keeper and Sheriff can not be on the council.
  • The council members themselves are elders from the community, chosen to serve on the council rather than elected when a position becomes vacant.
    • Camain Terring – Male Half-Elf – Patriarch of the Terring family
    • Hale Terring – Male Half-Elf – Father of Bom Terring


  • A holiday is held at every season change:
    • Spring Festival – The first planting is done the day of the Spring Festival. Additionally, the merchant caravans prepare to leave their hometowns by purchasing local wares produced during the winter season. The town gathers for dancing, food and the First Fire tradition. New romances, engagements and business deals are commonly begun.
    • Sun’s Height or Summer Celebration – The area’s populace and merchants often travel to Allieua for the Summer Celebration. Food and trade are plentiful with a focus on water related events like fishing and swimming due to the high heat. Marriages are held as well as the elder council’s votes for any change of position (Leader, Keeper, Speaker, Sheriff).
    • Autumn Harvest – The final harvest also brings with it a time of twilight dances, of storytelling and for honors to the recently and long deceased. Most caravaners return home and merchants sell their wares from abroad. The festivities continue long into the night.
    • Night of Ice or Winter Celebration – The community gathers for a day of winter events, rare are the cold, snowy days in Allieua. Goods and gifts are sold and exchanged at the Triangle. Individuals visit their family, friends and neighbors throughout the day, culminating in a large evening meal

Important Figures

  • Leader Tharilos – Male Half-Elf
    • Known for his charm and compassion, Tharilos frequently ends the arguments of locals while welcoming visitors, drawing merchants to the area. He has been Leader for the last eight years.
  • Sheriff Aniya – Female Human
    • Aniya, a woman of her late 20’s, was a tomboy in her youth. She caravaned for four seasons, notably saving members of the Terring family from a monstrous attack. The following summer, two years ago, she was made Sheriff.
  • Speaker Heis Varathora – Male Elf
    • Heis has been Speaker since the death of the last speaker 19 years ago. A local born elf of the southern peninsula, his knowledge of religion and keen advice have proven him more than the aloof man some may think.
  • Keeper Strybyorn Cordaen – Female Dwarf
    • Many give a Keeper wide berth for the Keeper is the one who handles the dead. Keeper Strybyorn is no different. Seen more at night than during the day, she is known as a fine sentinel but also a shadowed soul who speaks more often to the dead than the living.
  • Chief Falill – Male Elf
    • A wisp of white decorates this elder elf’s chin. He holds no political power in town but he is the Chief of the elven people. He speaks of elven tradition, elven history and hears the words of the ancestors.
  • Tovi Tinthis – Female Huley
    • Owner and proprietor of The Jewel of the Sea
  • Khorell – Male Human
    • Owner of the town’s general store.
  • Vaaliea – Female Half-Elf
    • Often out on the fields or called to farms, Kaaliea is well-regarded for her talent with animals. Whether sick or lost, this animal breeder is considered a town hero. She’s saved numerous animals, helped with births, found lost flocks and generally is considered a part of the town’s success with livestock.
  • Yllasys Sorastraphel – Female Human
    • Though known for her alchemical talent, trained and honed through the teachers of the Darrun family, Yllasys is perhaps better known for her beauty and speaking voice. She’s dated but never married. Her recent training as a caravaner has many believing she has no intention of settling down, but instead traveling out into the world with her wares.
  • Wowehn – Male Gnoman
    • This scion of the Darrun family is a scribe as well as a teacher. He’s been vocal of late of the Terring family’s profiting off the gnome race and keeping them poor through their treatment.
  • Bhargar – Male Dwarf
    • Gruff and a consummate haggler, Bhargar works the Dwarven stall selling their finely crafted items. He’s known for a shrewd eye… one shrewd eye.
  • Than Haedred – Male Human
    • One of the recent young men to take up a profession, Than works the forest as a woodcutter. With a thick neck and strong frame, Than’s work with an axe is well respected around Allieua. It’s not uncommon to find him outside of town pulling sled of downed timber. The bachelor has made it clear he’s looking for a woman to settle down with, though the Dockside may not be the best place to do it.
  • Master Kerlen – Male Human
    • This gray-haired man is a veteran of the guard, serving as the weapons master. He maintains the Guard Hall and oversees training. He’s known for spending each evening at the Jewel of the Sea.
  • Ulerth Terring – Male Human
    • Ulerth is Allieua’s point of contact for resident merchant caravans as well as those visiting. He has two decades of experience, sets up those wishing to become caravaners and helps caravans acquire new or replace anything or anyone they need. He’s a gruff man, easily annoyed by those wasting his time.
  • Rilla – Female Elf
    • A charming singer, Rilla entertains at the Dockside nightly and occasionally at the Jewel of the Sea. During the day she can often be found at the Market area, encouraging visiting merchants to visit her that night.
  • Dazen Sorastraphel – Male Human
    • Known perhaps more as Yllasys’s twin brother, Dazen is still the bachelor many of Allieua’s young ladies hope for. Perhaps as uninterested in settling down as his sister, Dazen is often found studying the sky or working at the Jewel of the Sea, singing songs or telling old tales much to the lament of his parents who’d rather have him helping more with the family farm. He’s sometimes seen out in the fields, watching the stars at night or sleeping in. Attractive and friendly, his charms can be found in the Jewel of the Sea when the sky is overcast.
  • Fweri – Female Dwome
    • If Fweri has a home, no one’s sure where it is. If her dwarven parent still lives, no one knows or admits whom it is. This homely soul was caught using magic and has been labeled a witch since. While the event was long enough ago not to be shunned outright, few acknowledge speaking with her and whispers arise when she’s around.
  • Scark – Male Half-Orc
    • This creature is welcomed to trade in town by the Speaker and various merchants, but the town guard is often tense when his heavily scarred face is seen. He’s known to live in the woods east of town, hunting and trading the skins he takes.
  • Lisben – Female Human
    • This kind girls works her family’s farm and is known for her bakery items. She sells them, even the occasional pastry, at a Market stall.
  • Darrun Family
    • This family of humans and gnomes has many sages and scribes, often serving as teachers or record keepers at the Town Hall. They often organize apprenticeships for their students to various trades people in and out of the family.
  • Terring Family
    • The Terring family is easily the wealthiest in Allieua, involved in many aspects of trade including farming, fishing, and leading merchant caravans. They own a large amount of property, including most of the Hovels area.

Racial Considerations

  • Elves maintain a separate community within the community in a mostly tree-lined area, the peninsula south of the town proper. Many gnomes that don’t serve in households live here as well. Most who express living on the southern peninsula are allowed.
  • The Dwarves have a small district in the northern part of town. They gathered stone for their construction and live close by one another out of tradition as well as for the practice of their trades. Some halflings live nearby.
  • Near the docks there exists the least well-to-do neighborhood, consisting mostly of thatched hovels and woven homes. Here most gnomes live with the occasional halfling and some of the mixed races. The area is rented, not owned.


  • Ancestor worship is the most common form of religion in Allieua, due in large part to influence from the elves and dwarves.
  • However, many also call on the spirits of Nature and the Sea at regular intervals, including some non-humans. The elves commonly call out to Sea and Storm, while the dwarves revere spirits of fire and forge.
  • The Speaker is the person chosen to be the religious voice for the people of Allieua. He or she helps with religious ceremonies, funerary rites with the Keepers, and as a voice of wisdom. The Speaker is also often a historian.

Notable Sites

  • The island visible to the west is called Lehamo or The Ghosted Island. It is said to be haunted and all are advised not to travel there.
  • To the north, perched atop a seaside cliff, is a ruin of crumbling walls, overgrown by the forest that has reclaimed it. Occasionally during an earthquake stones will fall from it into the sea. All are forbid not to travel to the ruin, said to be the haven of monsters.

Prominent Locations of Allieua Proper

  1. The Triangle – The town gathering location where celebrations are often held. Guards stand at the fork of the road, day and night.
  2. The Jewel of the Sea – The one Inn in town, named after the seastone displayed prominently in the taproom. It also serves excellent seafood.
  3. Town Hall – The center of the town’s government, the elders meet here and the Council Leader has an office here as well. The town clerk, assessing taxes, is here as well as historical or other town documentation.
  4. Guard Hall – The town’s guard is stationed here as well as the town jail. The office of the Sheriff, chosen by the council, is here.
  5. Market – The market area has numerous stalls, including that of the Dwarven smiths. While hard coin can be accepted, barter is more common whether for other goods or trades.
    Ruin Square – North of the market and behind the homes there is an old stone square where a building may once have stood. This is a magical travel location.
  6. General Store – The town of Allieua has one general store, dealing more in common trade goods than in food stuffs. Hard coin is expected here over barter. The banking facility is also here, handling writs of property or goods more than coin storage.
  7. The Darrun Family – The family predominantly dwells here in the main house. However, they also operate a small school for the few children who attend lessons on reading, writing, mathematics and various small trades.
  8. The Docks – Numerous fishermen work from the docks. What few merchant boats visit stop here as well especially when seeking shelter from a storm. The elves sometimes travel across the inlet and dock here as well.
  9. The Dockside – A late night bar that is frequented by dock workers and sailors. Travelers coming by boat often drink here before returning to the boat to sleep. While not known for crime, it does have a less reputable reputation, often seen as a place for men and dancing girls.
  10. Hovels – The hovels are primarily the homes of gnomes, halflings, mixed races and those who serve in some of the various households. Many save for years until they can own land though here they pay rent whether in service, trade or hard coin. The area is predominantly owned by the Terring family.
  11. Graveyard – The people of Allieua are buried here, tended and protected by the Keeper who dwells within.
  12. Church of Allieua – The varied faithful meet here or come for the advice of the Speaker. The Keeper also visits regularly, helping those who grieve.
  13. Dwarven District – The dwarves mostly maintain homes here, near their communal forge that fuels their smithing work. They encourage the tradition of fire and forge work.
  14. Halfling Homes – Some families that have worked closely with the dwarves dwell here. This includes halflings but is not limited to them.
  15. The Forge – The dwarves built a monstrously large forge for their use here. The fires burn through the day and night, the thunderous sound of beaten metal and dwarven chanting common.
  16. Terring Manor House – The Terring family’s manor house and servants quarters.
  17. Old Manor – Stories are told of the Old Manor that was supposedly abandoned due to a tragic death in the Khierast family. It has since fallen into ruin. Some say it caught fire in the past. Others say it is haunted.

Prominent Locations of Allieua Peninsula (Elves of Allieua)

  1. First Huts – This town front is meant to serve those merchants stopping by or travelers that aren’t desired to be exploring the rest of the town. The more mercantile dwell here as do a number of sentries.
  2. Boat Houses – The elves maintain their boats here. The boats are limited to three person canoes that can be carried to and from the sea, lake, etc.
  3. Others – Non-elves, especially gnomes, primarily dwell here as seen by their style of homes. The elves prefer more natural huts.
  4. House of the Ancestors – A holy building, dedicated to the ancestors of the elven people. It serves as a religious building, a school and a meeting house.
  5. Chief’s Hut – While the elves recognize and are recognized in the government of Allieua, they also honor a Chief of their people. He is a keeper of tradition more than a political voice.


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