What’s Your Profession?

  • Just because you take a certain class (or archetype) doesn’t mean you have to identify as such. A gunslinger may call himself a cowboy, a warrior. A mage may think himself a Warlock. A witch may think herself an enchantress. A fighter will likely think of himself as a Bladesmaster or Man-At-Arms, etc.
  • The people of Prymis have notable difficulty differentiating one type of magic (or class) from another. They may call all magic-users witches or demon lords for example. Even healing could be seen as a vile exchange or undead trickery.
  • Be sure to consider your profession. While you may work as a guard or be preparing for life as a mercenary, you may work as a tailor, fletcher, bar keep, baker, etc.

General Breakdown of Classes

  • PC Classes are by a general rule rare.
  • Common: Barbarian, Commoner, Expert, Fighter, Warrior
  • Uncommon: Adepts, Bards, Druids, Oracles, Rogue
  • Rare: Alchemists, Nobles, Sorcerers, Wilders, Witches
  • Very Rare: Clerics, Magi, Psions, Summoners, Wizards
  • Unique: Cavaliers, Gunslinger, Inquisitors, Monks, Paladins, Psychic Warriors, Soul Knives


Ballistic Alchemist (Archetype)

  • Black powder was first invented by an alchemist. One who studies its destructive capability forgoes the traditional bomb to master the use of it through firearms.
  • Skills: Replace Knowledge [Nature] with Knowledge [Engineering]
  • Firearm Proficiency: The ballistic alchemist gains Exotic Weapon Proficiency: Firearms. This replaces proficiency in bombs.
  • Gunsmith: As the Gunslinger class features. This replaces the Bomb class feature.
  • Discovery: A ballistic alchemist may apply Discoveries to his ammunition as applicable, possibly adding extra affects, changing the damage type, or resulting in special effects. “Fast bombs” is an example of a discovery that is not applicable.
  • Improved Cartridge Use: 3rd level; Reduce cartridge misfire by 1 to min 0. This also applies to when calculated by rolls on damage dice, such as a Dragon’s Breath cartridge.
  • Ballistics Expert: 5th level; The Ballistic Alchemist has perfected an innate understanding of his firearm, black powder, and how they function. This allows him to add his Intelligence modifier to damage with firearms when attacking against Touch AC.
  • Gun Training: 5th level and every four levels thereafter; As the gunslinger class feature
  • Extracts: The ballistic alchemist adds the following extracts to his extract book: 1st-fabricate bullets, stabilize powder; 2nd – thunder fire, ricochet shot; 3rd – flash fire; 4th – named bullet; 5th – energy siege shot; 6th – greater named bullet.


  • Read Religion.
  • You will need to talk to the DM about your Cleric’s faith, especially if you wish to follow a “God.”


  • Many Druids will take a variant archetype dependent upon their community or personal religion, some choosing a terrain more akin to their homeland or possibly a specific animal totem.


  • Contact the DM to plan how your character was trained for character creation.


  • Contact the DM if you wish to play a Inquisitor to plan the character’s religion and fixture in the world.

Uursarae (Ninja)

  • Contact the DM if you wish to play a Ninja to learn their role/existence in Prymis.


  • Oracles generally consider themselves chosen by their particular dogma (Ancestors or a specific Spirit Court) but some also seek out such in reverence.
  • Common Mysteries include Ancestor, Nature, Wave, Wind also the Stargazer Archetype (UM)


  • Contact the DM if you wish to play a Paladin to plan the character’s religion and fixture in the world.

Vaularak (Samurai)

  • Contact the DM if you wish to play a Samurai to learn their role/existence in Prymis.


  • Sorcerers generally adopt a naturalist philosophy, recognizing how dangerous magical power is as they learn to tame their natural abilities. Thus, they often associate wizards as power-hungry.
  • Skill Points: 4 + intelligence modifier
  • A sorcerer gains their bonus bloodline spells one level earlier.


Warlock (Archetype)

  • Please see the archetype created here. Contact the DM to discuss as a possibility to play with a charisma focus instead of intelligence may be possible as well.
    • The Warwlock’s Spells Per Day are not diminished as noted in the archetype based on playtest and review by the DM.
  • If the class skill you choose from the bloodline pact is already a class skill (many are), you may choose a different class skill with the DM’s approval. Otherwise, you get skill focus with that skill.
  • The Grand Witchfire Hexes are new to the system and may change.


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