Fortress of the Western Swamp

The Approach

Amidst the low hanging trees, tangled vines, mires and mists, a wall of stone appears to be sinking into the swamp. Beyond a massive structure rises, covered in a web of broad leaves and vines. The top of the old fortress looms over the swamp canopy. Despite being as murky green and gray as the rest of the building, the leaves and vines atop the structure have not grown over the roof but are the roof as if some gigantic plant grows within.

The Grove

This massive chamber is still a swamp but the waters seem cleaner, the air fresher, and the plants in a beautiful state of growth. Beautiful flowers of yellow-violet grow upon the vines that cling to the walls. Nolls of soft grasses and moss form perfect areas of rest. Stones form a circle for a fire and the branches above criss-cross in a trellise like structure. The walls, however, are heavily carved with numerous bas reliefs. A wall that is not a wall is merely closed off by a curtain of vines. Beyond five stones form a tight circle, only big enough for one to stand in the center.

The Carvings in the Grove

  • Gatekeepers
    • A large dragon with opals used for its color standing in a swamp with orcs. The orcs put on robes and leather to fight creatures with many tendrils, flying horned spirits, zombies…
  • Ashbound
    • Robed figures burning buildings in a town and destroying farmland
  • Children of Winter
    • Robed figures choosing only one of many to heal as they waste away from sickness, then showing the one that they poisoned a large well
  • Greensingers
    • Figures dancing and open mouthed in the woods with slender figures, moving trees and tiny twirling creatures
  • Wardens of the Wood
    • Figures teaching people how to care for plants, a group standing before a forest as wood cutters approach

Room of the Tree

  • Description
    The stone door flows away, opening to reveal a dimly lit grove. A massive oak looms ahead, its gnarled trunk 20’ in diameter. Its branches dominate above, forming a massive ceiling of twisted brown as voluminous swaths of moss hang from its boughs. Purplish vines with broad leaves grow at its base, up its trunk and entwine its branches that extend above. Grasses, reeds and ferns grow throughout the grove with small bushes and thicker thorny plants creating a thicker boundary. Massive exposed roots curl over in and out of the ground. They, unlike the branches of the oak, are still."
  • Garehrian is the name of the tree.

The Stairwell & The Pit

  • Description
    Burnt wood and dirt mar the top of this stair, including broken pieces of the tree’s mighty root system. Ancient stone forms the walls of this pit and the stairwell around it, though it does not appear the stone was carved, merely shaped and formed. Even the windows into the pit seem naturally shaped with intelligent will. Numerous patches of moss and vines grow over the stairwell, through every opening and around every root end. The stone walls of the stairwell exterior is carved, however.
  • The Carvings
    • numerous boats with pointed eared, thin figures shown in water
    • boats arrive at craggy rock beach
    • beach has a massive dragon head tower
    • pointed eared figures point at towers and move arms, towers explode
    • figures with spears strike at elves; all spear people lay down
    • massive flying creatures walk onto beach, fly overhead
    • elves point at dragons, they fall down
    • a dragon of opals flies over water
    • Burly humanoids with pointed ears, some with tusks in swamps
    • Travel across swamp, plain, hills, mountains and into forest
    • Meet humanoids, some with pointed ears, at massive tree
    • 12 figures with very intricate spiralling symbols on their chests stand atop a tower
    • figures wear robes and sometimes hoods as they fly through the air to forest
    • they are then at massive tree, meeting with humanoids on other side of tree
    • circle with numerous symbols including druidic for door and bind shown, together they look similar to the ‘major symbol’ on door and stone
    • humanoids make bigger circle with hammer and arm waving that has same symbols but also ‘land’ as the robed/hooded figures also wave hands
    • humanoids go to big tree in previous forest
    • picture of acorn in hand with a terran symbol for guardian on it
    • humanoids, but not robed/hooded people, travel on boats over water
    • elves let them on beach and into forest
    • spiders shown heavily in forest
    • elf figure with 8 legs moves in swamp
    • burly men with spiders for heads move in swamp
    • battle with fire, moving trees and vines
    • spider head men run deep into swamp; elf spiders go into caverns
    • druids build in swamp
    • humanoid figure approaches fortress with spider head men behind him
    • figure in fortress
    • figure then giant circle shown with druids to right of circle
    • druids become animals and wave hands
    • open area with pit opens
    • figure falls down pit into cavern
    • bottom of deep pit gets circle with druids on top
    • circle set in cavern floor with druids standing around; figure not seen
    • spider head men run back into swamp
    • druids moving hands make floor where pit cavern meet and make stairs, carve into walls of hole and bottom
    • 12 figures fly over water
    • 12 figures meet with druids and elves
    • people shown on boat on water, some are couples holding a small child
    • people building buildings
    • people laying down in swamp with frown faces
    • spiders floating over people laying down
    • large crack in ground and lightning bolts from sky
    • druids fighting fires in forest
    • 12 figures come to wall picture in symbol
    • 12 figures and druids on a small swampy island, put up five stones and wave arms
    • wall and fortress shown in swamp with druids around it
    • druid with acorn in hand in space with pit
    • druids stand around tree over pit
    • tree in fortress

Fortress of the Western Swamp

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