Mercantile System

Merchants cross the world, traveling from town to town and even sometimes to the great cities of Orlast or Sarington. Not all merchant caravans reach more than a few towns in their season, but some travel great distances over the merchant seasons of Spring through Autumn. Thus, some caravans are larger than others.

What’s to Trade?

  • Almost everything can be a trade good from spun cloth to dried meat. Bows, finely crafted swords, grains, clothing, books, jewelry, and more all fetch a price. Depending on the buyer, the value will differ but find the right one and you become a truly successful merchant. Many rely on the caravans to purchase the majority of their goods and sell them elsewhere.


  • Ale, Beer, Wine
    • Whether bottled or cask, these items are of great value in areas where they were not originally made. Wine from one region will sell for more elsewhere.
  • Fruits, Grains and Vegetables
    • This varies upon the rarity but certainly outside of their typical regions will garner more funds.
  • Preserved Meats and Fish
    • This varies based upon age and quality.

Gem Stones

  • While all gems have value in the world of Prymis, some are especially rare.
  • Bloodstones or Heartshards
    • Ruby or rosen quartz stone with vivid scarlet veins
  • Dreamstone or Peakjewels
    • An athemyst or deeper violet stone with a clear diamond-like core
  • Nightshards or Darkstones
    • A smoky stone with veins of midnight blue or oily black.
  • Petrasore or Gemflowers
    • A gem in shades of green like emerald with dark brown veins
  • Seastones or Skycrystals
    • Stone of opalescent blues with a pearly white or silver streak
  • Sunstones or Starmotes
    • Soft near-white yellow or pearly stone with golden veins.


  • While difficult to travel or ship, livestock can yield great returns. Cattle drives are rare, however.

Minerals, Metals, Ore

  • Various minerals and refined metals, ores are valuable in the trade across Prymis.
  • Alonite
    • This white ore is mined in the area of Alon. Under bright light it shines brilliantly. Raw pieces are often used in jewelry. Many have tried to melt it down for other uses, but it often loses its lustrous quality or becomes brittle.


  • Quality weapons are always a quality trade.
  • Elven Bows
    • In general, the elves are known for their well curved bows.
  • Masterwork Weapons & Armor
    • Masterwork weapons and armor are made by masters and usually marked with an Artisan’s mark or Craftsman’s identifying symbol.

Wildlife (Flora)

  • Where Foodstuffs (berries, etc.) are concerned, please see above.
  • Ingredients
    • Alchemy and poison ingredients as well as various other professions require ingredients of various needs. Of course, some are more legal to be trading than others.
  • Lumber
    • Lumber is a valuable resource in areas with less hard woods, typically along the equator or specifically in Orlast or Sarington.

Mercantile System

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