Ruins of the Northern Peninsula


Leaving the thick of the forest, upon the inclining slope of this cliff you can make out a large ruin among the trees. It clearly was much larger long ago, its walls fallen and stones turning to rubble now. To either side of the ruin the cliff is sheer, broken from numerous quakes in the past when massive courtyards and manicured gardens dropped into the ocean.

The Courtyard

A massive archway nearly thirty feet in width reveals an old courtyard. Numerous stone statues of vaguely humanoid shapes, most appearing human or half-elven, dot the space. Stones of various color and value have clearly been embedded in the broken, crumbling forms. Their faces are weathered and their bodies broken, though they remain locked in torment, pain and fear. A few even appear angry.

Reeds and grasses grow throughout the courtyard. Vines and bushes hide the surface of the walls. A few openings reveal the ocean cliff or empty, dark rooms to the south west or north east. Mosses grow over the small seated humanoid reliefs in the walls. But sweeping away the hanging vines far ahead, long worn symbols and intricate knotworks are visible, understood by few.

Touched, offered to and spoken correctly, a door outlined in luminous blue appears before simply vanishing…

The Main Room

Music for a Meteor Shower

A cool ocean breeze sweeps through this room as a large portion of the south western wall has collapsed, falling into the ocean or into the room itself. The stone work is the same as outside but the carvings smoothed over by so many storms. Yet various whorls in the floor, walls and ceilings begin to glow with pale blue, violet and green colors. Quiet tones buzz and hum around you, some seeming underfoot and others rooms apart. A collapsed portion of what was likely an antechamber has fallen away, revealing a cliff and a massive tree at its precipice. To your right a mass of rubble reveals another massive room.

The ceiling has fallen away, clearly by what has made the massive 30’ diameter crater in the floor, letting sun and starlight enter. Various symbols and portions of the room stay lit while the glow floods the room and spills out over the ocean.

The Room Beyond the Arch


Unfamiliar statues some 30’ tall dominate this circular room, nearly 100 feet wide. While you couldn’t see windows outside, windows nearly as tall as the statues view outside between each statue. A massively intricate pattern of glyphs, runes and lines decorate the floor. Faint traces of light dance along the patterns. All seem to radiate toward a relatively 10’ diameter center of the floor.

Stepping upon that space, the floor’s light seems to almost vibrate. Growing stronger, a faint chant echoes throughout the space. The statues begin to glow, brighter now. Light brilliant like gold shines out from the statues which now appear made of sunstone. The light takes form…

And when all is done, the faint light continues to dance over the varied, myriad patterns of the walls and floor.

Ruins of the Northern Peninsula

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