• Remember that you may not be able to start with some skills like Knowledge [Psionics] for example
  • Remember that some skills represent knowledge or purposeful training that will not be accepted by most like Spellcraft.
  • Remember to consider your day to day profession with your skills. Having ranks in Craft and Profession is not a bad idea at all.

Knowledge Skills

  • Knowledge skill information will be incredibly restricted so expect higher DCs than normal. I highly encourage you to take note of information you learn so you can reference back to it with proof of what you are learning throughout your exploration.
  • Knowledge [Arcana] represents your character being trained how to identify magical things and certain creatures. While frowned on and possibly cause for concern amongst some, this is generally accepted as a weird study that some travelers or leaders partake in.
  • Knowledge [Planes] – Your understanding is limited to creatures and that there exists “worlds beyond this one.” Open discussion of such topics is certain to draw negative attention.
  • Knowledge [Psionics] – No one may start with any ranks in this skill.


Available starting languages for those that may choose any due to a high Intelligence:

  • Alon (language of the area around Allieua)
  • Dwarven
  • Elven
  • Goblin (may vary with the tribe)
  • Halfling
  • Murcant (a play on Merchant, more a combination of quick slang and markings for traveling merchants, also thieves)
  • Orc (may vary with the tribe)
  • Pryma (the most common tongue of Prymis though very general, which can cause confusion)

Languages available to those who are trained in and ranks in Linguistics include:

  • Abyssal
  • Aquan
  • Auran
  • Celestial
  • Draconic
  • Draen (regional language)
  • Giant
  • Ignan
  • Infernal
  • Old Pryma (the outdated language of the ancient world)
  • Orlese (language of Orlast)
  • Saring (language of Sarington)
  • Sylvan
  • Terran
  • Ziirik (regional language)


  • No one may start with any ranks in this skill.
  • As spellcraft, there is no true one way to use a psionic power…


  • There is no true one way to cast a spell. What this skill represents is the general understanding of realtiy-altering power through magic to identify auras, casting, etc. In such a way, some might use Draconic and gestures to cast spells while others may use Sylvan, etc. Consider the intensity and skill necessary to study Spellcraft.
  • Study of Spellcraft is highly frowned upon. Showing such knowledge reflects study of magical arts or casting, and will draw criticism or violence from many. You must verify with the DM how your character learned such information.

Use Magic Device

  • No one may start with any ranks in this skill.

Use Psionic Device

  • No one may start with any ranks in this skill.


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