Variant Rules

Here are the variant rules being used in this campaign where not otherwise noted. See Classes and other pages for possible variations.

Pathfinder Unchained

  • You may take the Signature Skill feat. Please see the relevant skill on pfsrd for information related to the feat.

Hero Points

Settlement Rules

  • See the settlement rules for information on settlement guidelines.
  • The Modifiers optional rule is in place, affecting skill checks in the locale of the settlement.

Variant: Psionics Are Slightly Different

  • Psicraft and Use Psionic Device are skills.
  • A mage without psicraft training or a psion without spellcraft training will have only a 50% chance of success at countering, dispelling, identifying the other’s aura, powers, spells, etc. Note for detect magic or psionics this might lead one to think the other type of power is used if they can’t identify it. ex. A mage might think, “I know there’s an aura of some strange magic here. I can’t identify it. Maybe it is psionics.”
  • Spell Resistance and Power Resistance remain one in the same and equal. Thus a creature with SR 25 has PR 25.

Variant Rules

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